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Healy’s project

Cecil Healy is one of the numerous soldiers buried at the Assevillers’ New British cemetery. Issuing from this acknowledgement, a project under Cecil Healy’name was initiated till 2012. The Healy’project contains 2 targets :
    1- the constitution of Healy’document which is available below,
    2- Setting this file, into advantage by the District of Assevillers, in order to pay a tribute to soldiers of the Great War.

Février 2017 : The project goes on...
    1- An exhibition of Cecil HEALY et others soldiers of Assevillers New British Cemetery at Historial (Péronne),
    2- An Healy’s descendant was found out,
    3- An Australian Olympic swimmer cares about Cecil HEALY,
    4- A australian delegate will go at Assevillers during the 2nde semester 2017.
    5- To be continued !

The project is not then finished yet and we are still looking for further informations concerning Cecil Healy (letters, documents, photographies ). If you get any informations, don’t hesitate to transfer them to us. We would gratefully thank you. You can also contact Mr David Wilson.
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The Healy’s life

Setting up this file has required more than one year and half of work. Hence, it implicated in it, many actors such as Mr Bertrand Fareneau in the field of research and redaction ; Mr David Wilson (Consultant in Australian military history), thanks to him through the very highest qualities of his advices and Mr Jean Joel Raoelison, through his translation work of Healy’s file. The sources, totally in english, are essentially issued from newspapers items of the period and military informations, thanks to the Australian War Memorial. Cecil Healy’s figure is singular. His existence even though short, deserves to be enlightened. Cecil Healy holds the recordman in swimming, he is the olympic champion, rescuer but still remains more than those. He is a man of engagement. However, a century later though he still represents an example for all of us, his remembrance remains, and even in the australian society.

" [...] So why do we remember Cecil Patrick Healy? In Australia he is remembered as the consummate sportsman, particularly for his contribution to the sport of swimming, but also to water polo and surf lifesaving. He was a man with an inbuilt set of family and community values, reinforced by his Jesuit education. He was not afraid to speak his mind and take action where he thought it was required. He was insistent on fair play at the highest level of sport, even to his own detriment in rewards. Also he was not afraid to put his life on the line to rescue others in danger, and of course, he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, leading his men on the battlefield opposite Peronne. Such values should be promoted in society with more vigour than perhaps they are. [...] "

Australian military history consultant
Author of Fighting Nineteenth

Preface of David WILSON

This work is not only aimed to make his remembrance last, but also seeks to retrace the itinerary of a soldier, voluntarily comitted or not, during the Great War. Forgetting those men of exception, directly means, ignoring our own ancestors. So, because, certain beings such as Gaston SENEZ, Georges DOUAY, Albert ENNUYER should not be forgotten and by far, because the District of Assevillers feels himself concerned by the memory duty, we freely put the fruit of this work, available to the public.

Sommaire du dossier Cecil Healy...

Cecil Healy Before WWI

Preface by David WILSON

Who was really Cecil Healy ?

Cecil Healy and the Crawl Stroke

Cecil Healy at the Olympic Games

Cecil Healy, the lifesaver

Cecil Healy, the brave

Cecil Healy as a soldier

From the pool to the battlefield

Healy came in France

The school officer

The False Death

The Drama

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