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Healy’s project

Cecil Healy is one of the numerous soldiers buried at the Assevillers’ New British cemetery. Issuing from this acknowledgement, a project under Cecil Healy’name was initiated till 2012. The Healy’project contains 2 targets :
    1- the constitution of Healy’document which is available below,
    2- Setting this file, into advantage by the District of Assevillers, in order to pay a tribute to soldiers of the Great War.

Commemorations in Septembre 2018

Commemorations will take place in September 2018, if you would like to be notified, please send us an email at:

You can leave us a message to let us know who you are.

The Healy’s biography

An official biography is being written by Larry WRITER... Below you will find some elements.

Commemorations in Septembre 2018

I want to be informed of the commemorations : send us an email :

Sommaire du dossier Cecil Healy...

Cecil Healy Before WWI

Preface by David WILSON

Who was really Cecil Healy ?

Cecil Healy and the Crawl Stroke

Cecil Healy at the Olympic Games

Cecil Healy, the lifesaver

Cecil Healy, the brave

Cecil Healy as a soldier

From the pool to the battlefield

Healy came in France

The school officer

The False Death

The Drama

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