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Cecil Healy, l'intr├ępide

Sunday, on December 18th 1910, Cecil Healy achieves a performance which will deconcentrate more than one. In order to prove that the sharks are harmless to human beings, Cecil Healy swims about 1 mile (1, 6 km) alongside the Manly beach. The distance extends from North steyne to Fairy Bower. This area is considered as being infested with sharks and it seems that many of these animals have been seen chasing salmon shoals during the week preceding the challenge. Despite the opposition of some of his relatives, Healy starts up on this funny performance, surrounding by many curious that, some of them, highly doubt of his wisdom. A large crowd follows the intrepid sporting exploit from the beach but also through a boat closer to the champion. According to Cecil Healy, this gesture is not unconscious. For him, sharks will always prefer the feast of a shoal of fish than the poor meal of a human body. He takes as an example, the case of a fishing vessel having capsized a few years earlier. Sharks were in a hurry among the survivors not to eat them up but to take care of their cargo. He concludes that as much as the sharks will sufficiently have fish offshore, the danger incurred by a swimmer is slight.

By Bertrand FARENEAU,

Source :

Newspaper : Northern Star,
Jeudi 22 Decembre 1910.

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