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Assevillers New British Cemetery

Assevillers New British Cemetery contains about 800 burials but only about 482 soldiers are identified.
In order to pay tribute to these soldiers, here are the biographies of some of his soldiers.
If you have any information about one of the soldiers of Assevillers New British Cemetery, do not hesitate to send them to us.


Commemorations in Septembre 2018

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Who were they ?

Assevillers New British Cemetery

Second Lieutenant George William BALL (Middlesex Regiment) - 1918

Lance Corporal Albert JOHNSON (Welsh Regiment) - 1915

Private John Albert SHATFORD (Northamptonshire Regiment) - 1917

Lance Corporal George TODD (Scottish Rifles) - 1917

Private Christopher COLING (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) - 1917

Private William FULLER (Royal Berkshire Regiment) - 1917

Gunner George SNARY (Royal Garrison Artillery) - 1918

Private Paul FARRELL (Leinster Regiment) - 1915

Private Henry NICHOLS (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) - 1917

Private Robert CALLISTER (Cheshire Regiment) - 1918

Private Harold SHEARWOOD (Loyal North Lancashire) - 1917

Private Albert Mc CANN (Loyal North Lancashire) - 1917

Private Daniel Brodie DAVIS (31e AIF) - 1918

Corporal John Ignatius MOONEY (19e AIF) - 1918

Lance Corporal Charles Neil MACKINNON (19e AIF) - 1918

Private James Mac ILWEE (19e AIF) - 1918

2nde Lieutenant Cecil Healy (19e AIF) - 1918